Happy New Year 2015


Take a moment to reflect on how you would describe 2014 & how do you intend to move forward into 2015?

For me, 2014 was a year that I felt “stripped bare”. I made conscious decisions regarding my business as an entrepreneur jumping in fulltime. I made changes in personal relationships & boundaries. I had health issues, as did loved ones I cared for. There are some folks who still owe me lots of money, some of which I may never see. Yes, I suffered losses. However, I most definitely celebrated my gains & I continued to grow. But I honestly had no idea that by staying open to Seek My Truth, which is what I clung to all year, I would “feel” stripped right down to the bone.

Maybe I would respond differently if it wasn’t raining & miserably cold out? Or perhaps if I had not caught a cold? Maybe I overextended myself? Allowed too many emotional vampires & judges inside my inner circle? Were my expectations of self & others too high? Simply chalk it all up to lessons learned. My inner critic was now doubting my inner heart. What a wretched game!

But I trust my heart. I walked into 2014 with the intent of opening my eyes & heart, seeking truth and in doing so, found My Truth & begun the removal process. I think it IS an apt summation that the removal of material things, trappings, systems, technology, acquaintances, behaviors, beliefs, etc. etc. that no longer serve my highest good have left me bare, allowing me to be selective about what I add back into my life. That is exactly what needed to happen.

In appreciation & honor of that observation, I intend to move into 2015 wrapped in what only soothes and nourishes my heart, mind, body & soul. These are: good & healthy relationships that promote healing, foster respect & support one another’s endeavors; food that honors my personal choices; activities that are in full alignment with my heart & stimulate my mind, body & soul; technology & organized systems for the home & office that work best for me; & spiritual groups that share my beliefs.

By wrapping myself in these things, I love myself more & create a fresh mindset with which to walk into the new year with. With a fresher mindset I am once again open to new ideas for professional & personal opportunities, while operating with maximum self-compassion. It works!

The visual anchor I selected for this is fur, as in a “bear skin”. Some of you probably thought of Jeremiah Johnson, Robert Redford’s mountain man, & you are not too far off, but for my sake I found a Russian looking woman in a fur & woolen outfit. I don’t think she’s going to split wood or hunt fish in this dress, but she looks mighty warm. And that raptor can find supper if the horse doesn’t know where the lodge is. This archetype will do fine because this image is not just about clothing; it is about self-reliance without it killing you. It needs to sustain & nurture you, recognizing resources you need to add along the way. One must be strong enough to endure the external & internal challenges that we meet along our journey, enough to say “What troubles?” and mean it.

So as I reread my list, I imagined honoring my path & wrapping my “bareness” with layers of warm, thick, protective “bear skin”, creating a protective garment against the harsh environment we’ll call Winter & the Woods, with all of the good & the bad. I enjoyed my simple meal, relishing in its warmth, & appreciating the nice internal glow in my belly & the knowledge that I have enough.

Yes. What troubles? Bring on the new year! I’m ready.


So, have you decided on your personal or professional plan for improvement yet?

I’d be happy to help you with that! I have been working with lots of clients throughout December helping them get on track for 2015. Please contact me to book your personal session for January.

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In love and light, Betsey

Elizabeth Garland, M.S., CPLC, MNLP, CGRS

Founder and Personal Development Coach with Soul Nourishing, LLC


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