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The other day I was sharing some funny memories from my childhood. We were reflecting back on the 80’s and those not so glorious photos some of us have with the winged hair-do’s. I was one of those millions of girls empowered by Charlie’s Angels, a trio of badass sexy cops. We could kick ass, be intelligent and look good doing it. Hellyeah! But as I looked at this photo I realized I had a home perm that my mother had given to me. She did it to save money, and had given everyone in the family perms. We looked like we had stuck our fingers in the electrical socket and were a bunch of frizzy-haired freaks for awhile there. Hey, if David Hasselhoff could do it, so could we.

My sister moved in with me last year. She and I were having dinner and we were laughing about the home perms, and began discussing the family meals we had growing up. Mom had been a Home Economic major and was very proud of this. She was extremely organized and regimented in her grocery shopping, never strayed from the list, always had 7-14 days worth of meals planned out and all the food for it on the list. Once the food was home nobody was allowed to eat anything out of order from the meal plan, which was posted on the refrigerator. Breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and dessert were mapped out. If you ate something as a snack that was meant for dinner in 3 nights, may mercy be on your soul. We did have some incredibly diverse meals. We had the traditional meat and potatoes, the casseroles, lots of chicken and fish, the soups and salads. Then it became a shake and protein bar if Mom was dieting that day. We had fruit night, which started when Mom learned of different fruit fasts. We were allowed to eat any kind of fruit and even dip it in this yummy yogurt-mixed-with-cool whip stuff, so we liked Fruit Night. Then there was Cheese Night.  G.K. Chesterton may have said “Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese”, but by golly I am going to discuss it. Nothing was served except an assortment of cheeses, and maybe some dang Ritz crackers. This could be heaven to most kids and adults, and it was delicious. However, my entire family was lactose-intolerant and asthmatic. :/  Seriously.  And so to this day I still wonder why a plate of dairy products was served for dinner. We never felt good the next day. Our intestines were all bound up. “The family that binds together…” Some of my friends over the years have learned of fruit or cheese night and to this day still lovingly ask me if they can come to my house for such a treat. I promise you I will serve you both on the same plate to aid your digestion. You bring the beverages. 🙂

It’s these treasured memories that remind us that we are a family, that we have gone through good and bad, lean and fat times. Choices may have been made that as kids we did not completely understand. As an adult, I get a better idea now, especially on those nights when an expected check had not arrived and all I was eating was peanut butter or popcorn, and reminding myself this is not completely healthy – add a piece of fruit. I have learned to keep a full pantry and frig no matter what – nutrition is important.

Today is Fat Tuesday – a day to celebrate before giving something up for Lent. You may not follow this holiday – but the idea is to indulge yourself this once.  Maybe that is what Cheese Night was all about. Who knows?!?!  Make it a healthy treat, a massage or that meal at the restaurant that just opened down the road. Maybe there is something in your life you have been telling yourself you don’t deserve. Why not treat yourself today and let yourself know you are very special and worthwhile, and deserving of it?!  Bring some abundance into your life today. Enjoy life to it’s fullest. Let the good times roll. 😀

Love, Betsey xo

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