I'm Back

I apologize for not posting on here the last few months. I was writing every month, multiple times, for the last couple years, & then I drifted off as I got busy interacting with more clients face-to-face. But that’s what it’s about, right? Connecting with others, building a business, learning how to balance things, learning what works, what stays, what goes, where do we fertilize so the garden grows?! 😀

Speaking of which …. There is so much busting inside of me right now …. I just might be typing for awhile.

I appreciate your patience.

Thank you for allowing me to connect with you virtually, interpersonally, and find my way through the weeds to nourish our souls together!

Love, Betsey


In Love, Light and Gratitude,

Elizabeth Garland, M.S., CPLC, MNLP, GRS

Founder  & Personal Development Coach of Soul Nourishing, LLC

tel. 210.218.2075



Soul Nourishing Copyright 2011-2013

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Balance Through An Unsteady World

Soul Explorers, if you have had a recent couple months like I have had, and you may have, then you have been quite busy. The seasons are changing so there is yardwork. Schools have closed for the summer and so everyone had graduations to attend. There are parties and BBQs to go to, and family trips to make. Schedules get tight, and you might work late. Or perhaps your work disappears because your clients decided they wanted a vacation. Allergies flare up and then you manage your energy and health. You focus on your diet and exercise routine. You focus on your comittments. You focus on your budget. Are you focusing on happiness?

It’s my theory that to truly find BALANCE, which is a state of equilibrium, we need to ignore physics for a bit here. First – Try not to make everything equal. Accept that it is not going to be. Enter big sigh <here> Onward!

Second – Make your personalized list of what is important for you to focus on at this present time. Example list – Exercise/Diet, Work, Family, Friends, Me, Sleep, Spiritual, House/Yard, 2nd Job, Extra Stuff.

Third – Manage your time accordingly. Is it 1 hour a day on A, 8 hours on B, 4 hours on C, 2 hours on D, 1 hour on E  and what else???? Or on what days since the schedule may vary! Maybe on M-W-F it is 2 hours of A and one less hour somewhere else. (Reminder. Your total should equal 24. We do not indulge in 40 hour days on this one.)

Fourth – Go back to #2 and always plan time for yourself to relax in that schedule! (under the Me or Extra Stuff)

Fifth – Identify meaningful things to do. Video games are fun, but is there something else more meaningful you can do alone or with others during your downtime? It will make you feel really good!

Balancing your lifestyle can start with some simple organization tasks and then paying attention to how you are feeling and responding to everyday stressors. There will be some days you need more of one thing and less of another. Overall the goal is for your state of happiness to be achieved by the choices you make.

In love and light,

Betsey xo


Elizabeth Garland, CEO & Soul Coach

Soul Nourishing, LLC



Copyright 2012 Soul Nourishing

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Maintenance is not optional

Recently I was clearing out several boxes of old paperwork and due to the confidential nature of some of the files I had to begin shredding. I was a shredding machine. I was feeding paper into there by the handfuls and letting it get chopped into little bits nonstop until a horrible noise occurred – it jammed! The large plastic black yard bag was almost filled. NNOOOO!! I was on a roll and the satisfaction of having my task almost complete was too much – I had to fill the bag, even if I had to stay another hour. But the wad of paper would not budge. I hit reverse. I hit foward. I unplugged and fiddled with a paper clip. I took the top off and banged it on the floor, making the cats jump off the bed nearby. I called the customer support number. They were closed for the weekend. I cursed my luck. “How was I ever going to clean my room?” This sucked. I vented on Facebook and found another outlet of my compulsive energy. It dawned on me later that my sister had a shredder. Ah-hah!! All is not lost! I quickly grabbed her piece of heavy equipment and set it up under my desk, replacing my wounded soldier and happily began chomping the leftover pile of client paperwork from the last 15 years again.

I was filled with a mixture of emotions as I saw my career life being chewed up. I had saved all of these papers, my notes, my references, my recources, my files. Why? Everyone was going paperless these days. I no longer needed to haul this shit around. I certainly did not need these notes. What the hell. If I disappeared tomorrow, this would be crazy for my family to go through this and wonder what to do with it all. And what if it went in the wrong hands? It could be taken out of context and hurt my clients. I did not want that. It was hurting me – I was getting buried under it. I was not letting go. This became obvious when I found a card from some employees years ago, and all of the names on there no longer worked with me and I was filled with such sadness. What was I holding onto? The old career? The hopes and dreams? the friends long gone? The identity? What?!?! WTF was that noise?! A horrible sound from shredder #2 pulled me out of my deep thoughts. Yep – I had jammed this one. @#$^&$&Q! I was pissed! I kicked it! And then grabbed my foot and rubbed my toes because they hurt so bad.

What now? OK – These machines are not behaving. They are gettng stuck. How do I unstick them? hhmm. I ran to the kitchen and got the olive oil. I unplugged #2 and began pouring a small amount of oil along the seam and tried to work at the jam with a paperclip. This tedious process went on with the oil, the paper clip and constant plugging it in to test it for about 30 minutes to see if I could finally get the motor going. I felt like MacGyver and all I needed was an explosive of some sort. As I was working away at the jam in a sort of meditation, my hands covered in oil and bits of paper hitting me in the face, I wondered about the metaphor before me. This machine needed some TLC – some lubrication to clean out the gunk. Maybe I never should have put so much on it to start. I wonder if I am doing this to myself? Have I taken on too much in different areas of my life? All in the last 18 months I have recovered from surgery, gone part-time, my divorce has been final and I’ve taken in my disabled sister, and I have to work multiple jobs now. Am I getting my TLC, to keep my gears greased? Am I cleaning out my gunk? I certainly do not get much rest. There … I got it free and working. I was able to finish the 2nd bag and vacuum up the mess. But I still need to fix the first one.:) And I have so many more boxes to go through!

I was very grateful for this happening and slowing me down some and seeing that people may treat ourselves like machines but we aren’t. Something has to help us feel better when we get run down. Surround yourself with what serves to that purpose, the good in life. We need to maintain ourselves with proper nutrition, sleep, exercise, work, play, spiritual growth and love/affection, and keep it relatively in balance. Listen to what your body is telling you it needs.

Love, Betsey

Copyright 2011 Soul Nourishing

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