Practice Makes Perfect

Everyone is talking about goals right now, or perhaps just the folks I am around. I've heard from more than a few people how they need to become more "disciplined" in order to improve their lives. Other people are complaining and beginning to "resent" these "obligations" they've imposed on themselves. Why so much conflict over personal growth? I suggest replacing the word "practice" for the word “discipline”. It is kinder, gentler and for some may have a more healing or spiritual tone to it. When one realizes with self-compassion that they are accountable only to themselves to show up daily to do whatever it is they want to improve for themselves – they do it.

For example:  If I want to lose weight so I can feel better, look good and fit into my pants, eventually I do one of two things – begin to meet some wellness goals regarding food and exercise, or go buy new pants. However, if my financial goal was to avoid spending money on clothes, then I have another conflict and have to be accountable to that. Is it more rewarding to eat the hamburger and fries, sit on the couch and buy new pants? or is it more rewarding to eat the apple, go exercise and fit into my existing clothes? Powerful and connected choices to be aware of. More importantly, WHY did I establish a wellness and a financial goal in the first place? I am taking personal responsibility for myself today and in the future. There is no family or corporate structure to depend on for these. As a single woman, it is vital to do this for myself. Ignoring it is not an option, but facing it does not need feared; resources such as compassion, creativity and coaching help. Yes, knowledge and direction from experts in Health and Wellness, Exercise, Business, Finance, etc. We all may need coaches at different times in our lives when we are ready for positive growth!

I do what I can to enjoy every moment of today, but I think of my future when I want to take shortcuts and this helps me reframe my thoughts/actions to make better choices. Hence, we begin to create self discipline for our own daily practice(s) because it we have now given value to them and they are not just obligations or tasks. They are promises to our future selves. Mastery is 10,000 hours of a particular craft, skill or practice. Keep at your goals, no matter what they are and you will become the Master you seek! Please keep in touch with your progress and if you ever need help, I'm just an email away! Good luck!

~ Betsey


In love, light and gratitude,

Elizabeth Garland, M.S., CPLC, MNLP, GRS

Founder and Personal Development Coach with Soul Nourishing, LLC



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