Grief Recovery Program

Welcome! I am really glad that you are here. You’ve been through a lot over the years & I know it hasn’t always been easy. Something precious got lost along the way & you are still hurting. You’ve put up a really good fight, held it together when you needed to & what you really would like is someone to just take a moment to sit & listen, not fix, just listen. I get that!

One of the least acknowledged and least addressed concerns in our society is GRIEF, the normal and natural reaction to loss. Whether your loss is from the death of a loved one, divorce or end of a relationship, loss of a career, loss of faith, loss of a substance dependency, loss of trust, loss of dreams, loss of security, or loss of your health; we still hurt. You also do NOT need to be in a group with others with the same loss to identify with them. This program works with a process that is helping everyone with unresolved emotional relationships with people or events associated with a loss. Past clients have successfully addressed (in no particular order): divorce, breakups, child abuse, rape, sexual assault, molestation, bullying, health issues, infidelity, permanent disability, job loss, financial ruin, figuring out how to say goodbye to their addictive &/or unhealthy Self, & death (including natural causes, murder, suicide, miscarriages, abortion), etc. etc. I truly applaud each & every one of these brave souls that has done the work & chosen the path of joy.

Grief will continue to affect our lives and the lives of those around us adversely when we are forced to accept the many myths about grief: Time heals all wounds, Replace the loss, Be strong for others, Stay busy. For those who wish to resolve their loss issues and move beyond their grief, this program will guide them to a richer quality of life. Your life will become more enriched, more alive, and more fulfilled than ever before.

The Grief Recovery Support Program asks that:

You are aware of the reality of the loss.
You are ready to take acceptance for your current emotional state.
You are ready to take action to feel better.
You are a compassionate listener or willing to learn how to become one.
You believe that you will get better.
You are not stuck in the blame game or are ready to end it.
You do not use your loss story to get attention.
You do not compare your loss to others and their loss.

Please let me reassure you, if you only have 50% of that list, we work on these goals in the course & you’ll be closer to them by the end. This course is designed to help those who are ready to move forward, & every person’s journey is unique. However, if you are unsure or have any questions, I am happy to provide a complimentary 30 minute session over the phone or over coffee to get to know one another & see if this is a good fit.

This program is affiliated with and endorsed by The Grief Recovery Institute and the Grief Recovery Method. We cover all the following steps in an educational format: awareness, acceptance and recovery action steps.

We will meet privately 1:1 in a confidential, safe, relaxing environment. We’ll meet once a week, for seven (7) consecutive weeks, for one hour (90 minutes max) to support you in your healing process. You will be provided reading assignments and weekly homework, which we review and discuss together. Registration includes your personal copy of the Grief Recovery Handbook. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate and participate in a completion graduation. Seven private grief recovery sessions are $549. Variations to a schedule nullify any coupons.

Hosting at your spiritual group or community center for a group only is available too! Please contact for details.

I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. You may also find client testimonials on the Testimonial link on this website, as well as on our LinkedIn site. This is our most popular program to date still and it changes lives! Check out www.griefrecoverymethod.com for more information as the Institute has been changing lives for over 40 years. This process made a difference in mine!


Joy Camp: Grief Recovery Support for 1 (7 weeks) $549  – please visit our SHOP button to purchase today!

Joy Camp: Grief Recovery Group Support (12 weeks)  – call for details 


In Love, Light and Gratitude,

Elizabeth (Betsey) Garland, M.S., CPLC, MNLP, CGRS, ICF Member

Founder & Personal Development Coach with Soul Nourishing, LLC

tel. 210.218.2075


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