Women in the Workforce

Women in the Workforce

If you were watching the 2015 Oscars you may have jumped up with a few of us when Patricia Arquette spoke of fair wages for women. Since March 8th is International Women’s Day, I thought it was fitting to highlight the issue of women in the workforce since it can be both a sore spot as well as something to celebrate.

What are the critical issues?

Here is a podcast from a past Diane Rehm Show in 2011:


Here is a link to explain better the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act that they mention.


One point that was made during the show was the life/work balance being skewed because of the assumptions made by employers regarding the lifestyle choices regarding men & women. What are your thoughts about salary disparity?

On the flipside, better awareness of this topic allows for those striving to make a difference to do so. Check this out, recently, local ladies make strides in STEM companies! http://www.siliconhillsnews.com/2015/03/02/seven-women-run-tech-startups-in-san-antonio-to-watch/

How can you help?

Support a business that employs women or is owned by a woman! I personally support lots of small & independent businesses, many of which are owned by women. Over several generations many women in my family have gone from not working & raising families, to doing both, or choosing to have a career & no family. It is their choice!

Ask women what they want!

Although both of my grandfathers were entrepreneurs, I am the first female in the family that I am aware of who decided to follow their footsteps & take this bold leap to run my own business. Others may have wanted to before & did not get the opportunity. I am so grateful for the choices we have! Let’s continue to ensure that more opportunities exist for more women … for education, for jobs, & create families of their choice!

I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Kind regards,

Elizabeth Garland, M.S., CPLC, MNLP, CGRS

Founder and Personal Development Coach with Soul Nourishing, LLC


Copyright 2015 Soul Nourishing


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Beautiful Wish

Beautiful Wish

An original poem by Elizabeth Garland

Beautiful One who sits next to me, young & pregnant with your swollen belly, I wish I could wrap you in my arms & lay your head upon my lap, & soothe your troubles away as I sing you a song, telling you that it will be alright.

Beautiful One who sits in the back, insecure & overweight, wanting someone to talk to day & night, I wish I could share coffee with you each week & we could laugh like good friends over dark secrets that only we know about each other.

Beautiful One who sits there at my foot of the bed & greets me at the gate every time I come home, I wish I could bring you a juicy T-bone every week & go on long walks every day & I promise to do better because you make me better too! I bet you wish for this too!

Beautiful One who sits there silently daily, perfectly groomed with well-manicured hands and an expensive suit, I wish I could discover what fantasies you are hiding beneath that polished veneer of lacquer & varnish that you are too afraid that others will reject you for.

Beautiful One who sits laughing & has a smile for everyone, I wish I could smile back to you more often & be like you & express my gratitude for your everlasting inspiration & joy; apparently it only exists in infants or the aged but I aspire to model you!

Beautiful One who sits alone at night & feels like they have nothing to live for, I wish you knew how loved you are & how much we would miss you; please don’t give up. I wish you would call someone.

Beautiful One who sits next to me at church with the lovely arms & the tattoo that constantly is changing, please pardon my stares but I am mesmerized by this art form you have chosen to express upon your body & I am too afraid to do; I wish I were as brave as you!

Beautiful One who sits there alone in the diner, crying at love songs & sharing amazing stories of “how we met” & holding small children on your knee, I wish I could share in your legacy & be able to celebrate that type of love someday too.

Beautiful One who sits across the table from me with piercing in your face, blue dyed hair & a stunning black leather jacket, I wish I could hear more of the amazing poetry that pours out of your soul every time you speak & I wish that others have the opportunity to do so too!

Beautiful One who sits in front of your house every day watching nothing & everything, I wish you would wave back one of these days when I walk by; I’ll keep trying to connect with you.

Beautiful One who sits at your desk faithfully & always has something to say to me, I wish you knew how much you are appreciated. Thank you!

Beautiful One who sits across from me in the mirror, facing a new day with new challenges & triumphs, I wish you to know how very proud I am of you & how much I love you!

Happy Valentine’s Day, My Beautiful Ones!

Copyright 2015 Elizabeth Garland

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Support Of Self (SOS) Group

Soul Nourishing Support of Self (SOS) is a monthly enrichment forum created by Soul Nourishing, LLC care of our Hearts, Minds, Body and Soul. In 2013 we had a variety of topics & guest speakers. We learned about positivity, self-compassion, self-acceptance & finding one’s own joy, raw rood smoothies, breath work, chanting kirtans, Tibetan bowl meditations, managing grief & stress, & so much more! To sign up for the community updates directly, please register at http://www.meetup.com/Soul-Nourishing as they will not be posted on this website. Please join us!

At this time the meetings are the fourth Tuesday (it changes if a holiday falls on this date so please always check the MeetUp calendar), from 6:45 – 8pm.

We shall meet at the new office location is 19315 Nacogdoches Road (FM 2252), San Antonio, TX 78266. (South of 3009 & north of Bat Cave road, just in the Garden Ridge vicinity, at the Ashley Oaks Executive Park.

Please call 210.218.2075 if you require payment options besides PayPal to egarland@soulnourishing.com to reserve your spot. Seating is limited to 16 & RSVP’s are strongly suggested as that is how your seat is saved.

This concept is based on what you can learn for just $5. The fees help to cover expenses for the venue, MeetUp fees, refreshments, gas expenses or materials if speakers need it, marketing, etc.). If you wish to offer the Soul Nourishing MeetUp community a Perk, please apply online via the MeetUp system for consideration. If you wish to become a Sponsor of SOS & pay for a month of fees in exchange for advertising, please contact me directly.

See you soon!

Thanks, Betsey

Elizabeth Garland, M.S., CPLC, MNLP, CGRS

CEO & Founder of Soul Nourishing, LLC

Copyright 2013-2014


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