Beautiful Wish

Beautiful Wish

An original poem by Elizabeth Garland

Beautiful One who sits next to me, young & pregnant with your swollen belly, I wish I could wrap you in my arms & lay your head upon my lap, & soothe your troubles away as I sing you a song, telling you that it will be alright.

Beautiful One who sits in the back, insecure & overweight, wanting someone to talk to day & night, I wish I could share coffee with you each week & we could laugh like good friends over dark secrets that only we know about each other.

Beautiful One who sits there at my foot of the bed & greets me at the gate every time I come home, I wish I could bring you a juicy T-bone every week & go on long walks every day & I promise to do better because you make me better too! I bet you wish for this too!

Beautiful One who sits there silently daily, perfectly groomed with well-manicured hands and an expensive suit, I wish I could discover what fantasies you are hiding beneath that polished veneer of lacquer & varnish that you are too afraid that others will reject you for.

Beautiful One who sits laughing & has a smile for everyone, I wish I could smile back to you more often & be like you & express my gratitude for your everlasting inspiration & joy; apparently it only exists in infants or the aged but I aspire to model you!

Beautiful One who sits alone at night & feels like they have nothing to live for, I wish you knew how loved you are & how much we would miss you; please don’t give up. I wish you would call someone.

Beautiful One who sits next to me at church with the lovely arms & the tattoo that constantly is changing, please pardon my stares but I am mesmerized by this art form you have chosen to express upon your body & I am too afraid to do; I wish I were as brave as you!

Beautiful One who sits there alone in the diner, crying at love songs & sharing amazing stories of “how we met” & holding small children on your knee, I wish I could share in your legacy & be able to celebrate that type of love someday too.

Beautiful One who sits across the table from me with piercing in your face, blue dyed hair & a stunning black leather jacket, I wish I could hear more of the amazing poetry that pours out of your soul every time you speak & I wish that others have the opportunity to do so too!

Beautiful One who sits in front of your house every day watching nothing & everything, I wish you would wave back one of these days when I walk by; I’ll keep trying to connect with you.

Beautiful One who sits at your desk faithfully & always has something to say to me, I wish you knew how much you are appreciated. Thank you!

Beautiful One who sits across from me in the mirror, facing a new day with new challenges & triumphs, I wish you to know how very proud I am of you & how much I love you!

Happy Valentine’s Day, My Beautiful Ones!

Copyright 2015 Elizabeth Garland

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